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No Ordinary Shop

welcome to no ordinary shop

Here at No Ordinary Shop UK we sell things that you won’t find in any ordinary shop. Items for sale in No Ordinary Shop have been collected, discovered, bid for and haggled over from all over the United Kingdom and brought together in one place.

Items are found in auctions, donated, given to us to sell for a commission, house clearances, car boots, Antique Centres, Facebook Marketplace, Ebay and even recycling centres (or the tip as it used to be known)

Please browse our Shop at your leisure. There’s no need to buy anything. It’s a bit like a traditional table top/garage sale but online, you never know what you might find next?

Everything has a price of course, if something takes your fancy however, and you feel that price could be negotiated then just like a table top/garage sale, make us an offer, you never know we might just accept it!  Of course the advantage of our shop is we’ll deliver the item to you.